Landscape Services

We offer a wide range of services from 4 season total property care to a visit to “spruce things up” for that special day… graduation, wedding, party, etc.

Design & Installation

Our designer works with clients to develop a landscape plan that suits their every need. From complete new home property plans to renovation of existing beds, pool and other outdoor areas, we can make you proud of your property.

  • Shrubs
  • Trees
  • Perennials
  • Annuals
  • Bulbs

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Edging, Mulching & Bed Care

Our expertise and state of the art equipment gives you a great looking, horticulturally sound planting bed. Add preventive weed treatments and you will have a weed-free border that will compliment your home.

  • Bed Clean Up
  • Remove and Replace Annuals & Perennial Care
  • Weed Pre-Emergent
  • Weed Post-Emergent

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Tree & Shrub Care

Your mature, healthy shrubs and trees add great value to your property. Overgrown, insect/disease infested plants can quickly become a liability. The investment these plants represent is often overlooked until it’s too late. We have the knowledge, tools and experience to help your landscape plants stay healthy. Preventive care is your best investment and starts with an evaluation of your plant needs.

  • Pruning/shearing
  • Tree and shrub treatments: spray and soil drench
  • Fertilize, insect control and disease control
  • Integrated pest management (combined insect control strategies)

Treatment plans range from environmentally-friendly Horticultural Oil applications two or four times a year, to monthly inspections with treatments for insects like Spotted Lantern Fly and Bagworms. Treatments for disease and weed problems are available.
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What Our Clients Say

A neighbor who lives a street over, but who I’ve never talked to before, stopped as he was driving by and said our yard looks awesome. He said it was some of the best grass in Lititz. Thanks for your part in giving me a yard I can be proud of.

Todd – Lititz, PA

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